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THE Vivienne Westwood’s
Autumn- Winter 2018
Army of Freedom Fighters
Vivienne’s Creatives is a collaborative project – partnering with 6 conceptual artists and activists who are part of Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn- Winter 2018 Army of Freedom Fighters… Vivienne Westwood asked the artists to interpret the themes of the collection to curate their own conceptual content, each focusing on issues they reference through their own work. The special series of photography & video artworks will launch digitally this week across all Vivienne Westwood channels: 8th – 14th October - dedicating a day to each artist..
“A series of imagery, celebrating the one thing that seems to connect us all in this crazy post Brexit Trump world…something so powerful and yet simple…a kiss. And with this kiss, we hope that love will conquer all.”- Emma Breschi.
DAY 2: Jesus Diaz ‘What a mystery! Where is the lost jewel?’ “What a mystery! Where is the lost jewel? Is the last story created by artist Jesús Díaz where punk reborn taking London´s street as form of rebellion in a crazy psychedelic adventure to save humanity from chaos.”
DAY 3: Joe Sweeney ‘Eggs is Eggs’ “My three 1-minute videos reflect my work as an artist, taking a sardonic look at domestic consumption and consumerism and relentless regeneration. The snapshot style of the project emphases the 'fleetingness' of modern life and the abundance of ephemera that viewpoint leaves behind.” – Joe Sweeney
DAY 5: Orla Carolin ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last (A Love Story)’ “A couple enjoy the sun, tend to their plants and hang up the laundry. They aim to contribute to making the planet healthier together through everyday living and by following Westwood’s ethos; ‘choose well, buy less, make it last’. Each scene corresponds to each part of the ethos, providing a romantic subtext.”- Orla Carolin
DAY 6: Johan Zoo ‘Fanzine Riot 667’ “I wanted to create a fun and chaotic fanzine and put forward my point of view on prime contemporary issues such as the plastic contamination and our current need to go green. As more evidence of global warming and man-made climate change are presented, my belief that we need to stop using plastics to avoid further unnecessary contamination of our planet becomes stronger and stronger. I have created an environmentally conscientious family who are active in this fight. Their approach steams from a punkcore perspective to combat a world that is increasingly more controlling and surveyed. In previous times of social re-evaluation, this DIY format has proven to be an effective way of communication between various subcultures who rebel against the norms of mainstream society, and so we need to revive it. ‘Don’t be satisfied with what we write. Go out and start your own fanzine’.- Sniffin Glue (1976)” -Johan Zoo
DAY 7: Josh Quinton ‘Josh Quinton’s Mood Medicine’ Josh Quinton’s Mood Medicine, a collaboration between Robert Fox & Josh Quinton, is a series of self-help dance videos. The series is intended to cure your modern day ailments & relieve yourself through the power of movement & DANCE.